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Thriving through Cancer chronicles Dan Engel's journey in sometimes excruciating detail, providing the reader with lessons he learned while navigating the intersection of medical, personal and professional lives. At the end, this is an uplifting book about the power one has to change the world. This book is a must read for patients and caregivers alike, whether battling cancer or any other chronic illness.

Dan Engel is the CEO of, the only pure patient-to-patient registry where patients and/or their caregivers can search for others with their same diagnosis or who have followed treatment protocols being recommended to them.

"I, literally, could not put this book down! It is so thoughtfully written; brutally honest with humility and humor. Dan's journey through cancer is truly inspiring."  Beth Linge, 3/31/18

"A great read that is informative, inspirational and introspective. What the author went through to fight and combat this disease is nothing short of extraordinary. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those going through a difficult journey. For most, it will very likely help put things into perspective!"  Pam Ferris, 3/26/18

"A must read for patients and their families about how to survive a cancer diagnosis. This honest and thoughtful exploration of the lessons learned through many years of recurrence and treatment sheds light on what patients can do to increase their chances for survival. The very important discussions of the power of interconnectedness and purpose are relevant to everyone."  JTR, 3/28/18

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