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Dan Engel is a stage 4 melanoma survivor who collectively has endured ten surgeries, radiation therapy, gamma knife surgery on a brain tumor, six clinical trials (including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, vaccines and combinations) and seven years of a maintenance clinical trial. During the two years of his most intensive battles, he formed and launched the Miracle League of San Diego, a baseball league for children with special needs. The special rubberized field for the league opened two weeks after he received his first clean scans in two years. 

In January 2018, Dan launched, to solve one of the pressing issues patients and their caregivers face in the cancer world - a means to connect to other patients, especially when considering and deliberating over treatment options. is the only pure patient-to-patient registry where patients and/or their caregivers can search for others with their same diagnosis or who have followed treatment protocols being recommended to them. 

Dan lives in Los Angeles with his wife Robin and their dog Dexter. He spends many Saturdays coaching two teams at the Miracle League which he affectionately and proudly calls the happiest place in San Diego.

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